How to do efficient Lead Scoring?

Odoo's Lead Scoring module allows you to give a score to your leads based on specific criteria - the higher the value, the more likely the prospect is "ready for sales". Therefore, the best leads are automatically assigned to your salespeople so their pipe are not polluted with poor-quality opportunities.


Install the Lead Scoring module

Start by installing the Lead Scoring module.

Once the module is installed, you should see a new menu Sales ‣ Leads Management ‣ Scoring Rules

Create scoring rules

Leads scoring allows you to assign a positive or negative score to your prospects based on any demographic or behavioral criteria that you have set (country or origin, pages visited, type of industry, role, etc.). To do so you'll first need to create rules that will assign a score to a given criteria.

In the Scoring Rules menu, click on Create to write your first rule.

First name your rule, then enter a value and a domain (refer on the official python documentation for more information). For example, if you want to assign 8 points to all the leads coming from Belgium, you'll need to give 8 as a value and [['country\_id',=,'Belgium']] as a domain.

After having activated your rules, Odoo will give a value to all your new incoming leads. This value can be found directly on your lead's form view.

Assign high scoring leads to your sales teams

The next step is now to automatically convert your best leads into opportunities. In order to do so, you need to decide what is the minimum score a lead should have to be handed over to a given sales team. Go to your sales dashboard and click on the More button of your desired sales team, then on Settings. Enter your value under the Minimum score field.

From the example above, the Direct Sales team will only receive opportunities with a minimum score of 50. The prospects with a lower score can either stay in the lead stage or be assigned to another sales team which has set up a different minimum score.

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