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Beautiful and real-time reports for all your modules

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Statistics about your data

Generate graphs and charts in just a click

Create detailed reports and graphs in any format you like without the need of an external program. Get statistics on any numbers in your company, from fuel costs in projects all the way to revenues in sales teams, and with inventory, and everything in between.

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The information you need the way you need it

Filter all results to fit your field of research

Filter and group each analysis using built-in filters, and create custom filters to gather only the information you are looking for. Save the filters you created in your favorites to access them anytime in just a click.

Create reports on the go

Everything at the flick of a click

Forget about exporting all your data into programs to run reports. Create specific reports and analysis on the go in a few simple clicks, based on existing templates or on personalized criteria.


Track the process

Keep track of all your important data

Track the process of each activity, from projects to reports and invoices, and get statistical information on all topics, in a simple and clear tabular chart. Get a clear overview of your whole activity and be ready for new challenges.


Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps



Get forecasts of product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.



Find the best customers and products and highlight your monthly sales.



Obtain meaningful information about supplier invoices.



Enable your project right way. Step by step get work done.

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