Features Comparison

General Accounting

Odoo Online
General Scope
Multi-Company Consolidation
Multiple Journals
Multi-Language Support
Supported Countries 1 1 40
Access Rights
Access Rights per Screen
Access Rights per Field 2
Customizable Validation Steps
Third Party-Integration
Availability of an API
Google Spreadsheet Integration
Import: Excel or CSV
Export: Excel or CSV
Customer Portal 3

Accounts Receivable

Odoo Online
Customer Invoices
Proforma Invoices
Multiple Taxes per Line
Multi-Step Payments Terms
Outstanding Payments Reconciliation
Emails Discussion as Attachment on Invoice
Con gurable Email Templates
Send Invoices
Generate a PDF Invoice
Batch Send Invoices by Email
Post Invoices by Standard Mail
Customer Statements
Aged Receivable Balance
Per Customer Statements
Automated Follow-up Letters
Automated Follow-up Actions
Unpaid Fees and Penalties
Third-Party Debts Recovery
Online Payments
Credit Cards 1
PayPal 2
Recurring Revenues
Automated Recurring Invoices
Contrats / Subscriptions Management
Recurring Business KPI 3
Alerts for Contract Renewal
Automated COGS Entries
Automated Deferred Revenues

Accounts Payable

Odoo Online
Vendor Bills
Billing Control (Purchase Orders / Receptions)
Multiple Taxes per Line
Purchase Agreements
Multi-Step Payment Terms
Vendor Payments
Aged Payable Report
Print Checks
Automate Wire Transfers (SEPA)
ACH Transfers 1
Employee Expenses Report 2
Expenses Validation Flow
Assets Management

Bank & Cash

Odoo Online
Bank Statements
Bank Interfaces
Import Statements: QIF
Import Statements: OFX
Import Statements: CSV
Import Statements: Coda
Import Statements: Camt.053
Deposit Tickets
Bank Reconciliation Reports
Automated Currencies Rate Update


Odoo Online
Analytic Accounting / Grouping
Analytic / Cost Accounting
Multi-Level Analytic Accounting
Multiple Plans
Optional Tags per Entry
General Budgets
Analytic Budgets
Payroll 1
Standard Price
Average Price
Perpetual Inventory Valuation 3


Odoo Online
Legal Statements
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Cashflow statement
General Ledger
Tax Reports
Tax Audit Report
Pivot Table on Multiple Dimensions
Customizable Reports
Customizable Dashboards
Annotate Reports
Customizable KPI's
Predefined Executive Summarys
Perpetual Fiscal Year Closing

User Interface

When it comes to efficiency and end-user satisfaction, fine-tuned usability is one of the most important factors in any software platform. This is especially true of accounting software, as the end user might spend the majority of their time working within the software. In order to provide functionality, speed, and convenience to an accounting team, a software solution must maintain a balance between ease of use and a robust set of features. The user interface supports the overall product design in deciphering human factors such as preferences, habits, and learned skills in order to effectively serve the intended purpose of the software as it relates to the businesses that utilize it. A strong functional design is critical in providing a positive user experience and maximizing user efficiency.

Usability is qualitatively measured as a software’s ability to anticipate what a user might need to do. This includes ensuring that all of the elements in the interface are easy to access, understand, and use. Well designed software establishes familiarity by maintaining a consistent interface and predictable interactions throughout so users feel comfortable with the system, allowing them to complete their desired tasks quickly. It will help users perform actions quickly as well as become more efficient in their day to day tasks. Best practices also suggest having a simple interface with consistency (common elements) and a page layout based on hierarchical importance and flow.

The next section includes screenshots to help you compare the user interface, both in the list and form view, for each software in the comparison.

User Interface - QuickBooks

QuickBooks - Dashboard

QuickBooks - Dashboard

QuickBooks - Reconsiliation

QuickBooks - Reconsiliation

User Interface - Odoo

Odoo - Dashboard

Odoo - Dashboard

Odoo  - Reconsiliation

Odoo - Reconsiliation


Odoo Online
Full Web Interface
Mobile App
Android App
iPhone App
Market Place
App Store / Add-ons
Subjective Ratings
Navigation and Search
Data Entry
Reconciliation Tool
Mobile App 1
Reports Flexibility

Pricing & Conditions

Pricing & Conditions

Odoo Online
Number of Users 3 Unlimited
Contract Duration Monthly n/a
Free Trial 30 Days
Free Updates
Hosting & Maintenance
Support 2


The selection of a software solution is a process which, if undertaken with scrutiny and a willingness to obtain as much information as possible, can result in a huge increase in efficiency amongst your team.

No single factor (cost, number of features, UI) is the most important, but rather a balance of many interdependent factors. Which factors are really important for your business? Is your planning focused around budget? Integration with third-party apps? Are you looking for software that simplifies your accounting or do you have an accounting expert on staff that needs a powerful solution? Proper balance between all these elements will lead to optimal end results when selecting the accounting software that suits your unique business needs.

In order to select the best accounting software for your needs, it is also vital to weigh the desired benefits against the management team’s constraints while also considering the accounting team’s day to day operational needs. The most fundamental goals for any decision maker are to grow the business and support the teams which makes the success of your organization possible. As collaboration is the key to success with any team, it is beneficial to choose a simple and user-friendly solution which will help your colleagues to work quickly and effectively while avoiding the need for expensive and time consuming training sessions.

So whether you are a small startup comparing accounting solutions for the first time or a large enterprise thinking about changing your current software, the information in this document will help you compare the most important aspects of each accounting solution to help you find the software that best works for you.