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Keep an eye on your events

See easily the purpose of the meeting, the start time and also the attendee(s)... All that without click on anything...

Create so easily an event

In just one click you can create an event...
You can drag and drop your event if you want moved it to another timing. You can shrink or extend the event if you need to change the start's hours or the duration of your meeting..

Create recurrent event

You can also create recurrent events with only one event. You need to create an event each monday of the week ? With only one it's possible, you could specify the recurrence and if one of this event is moved, or deleted, it's not a problem, you can untie your event from the others recurrences.

See all events you wants

See in your calendar, the event from others peoples where your are attendee, but also their events by simply adding your favorites coworkers. Every coworker will have their own color in your calendar, and every attendee will have their avatar in the event...

Get an email

You will receive an email at creation of an event where you are attendee, but also when this event is updated for some fields as date start, ...

Be notified

You can ask to have a alarm of type 'notification' in your Odoo. You will have a notification in you Odoo which ever the page you are.

Google Calendar

With the plugin Google_calendar, you can synchronize your Odoo calendar with Google Calendar.

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