How to synchronize your PayPal account with Odoo?

With Odoo, you can synchronize your PayPal account. That way, you don't have to record all your PayPal transaction in your favorite accounting software. The synchronization is done every 4 hours, and you can start reconciling PayPal payments in just a click.


Install the account_yodlee module

Start by installing the account_yodlee module, if it is not already installed. To do that, got the the menu Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings of the accounting application. In the section Bank & Cash, set the option Bank Interface - Sync your bank feeds automatically.

Click on the apply button once it's done.

Setup your PayPal account

A PayPal account in Odoo is managed like a bank account. To setup your PayPal account, use the menu Configuration ‣ Bank Accounts. Create a new bank account and name it PayPal. In the bank field, you can set PayPal.

Once the PayPal account is created, go back to the Accounting dashboard and click on the Synchronize button. In the dialog, choose PayPal as the online institution and click on the configure button.

Then, you will have to provide your credentials to connect to PayPal.

If you configured your Paypal account correctly you should get to the next step of the Online feeds configuration. There you will have a screen with a date to fetch transaction from and a list of account to choose. You must choose the Paypal balance account.

Once everything is done, you should see your PayPal transactions right in Odoo and you can start reconciling your payments.

Enjoy a full integration! You don't need to record transaction manually anymore.