With Odoo, you can import your bank statements, synchronize with your bank but also register your bank statements manually.


No special configuration is necessary to register invoices. All you need to do is install the accounting app.

Банкны хуулга гараар бүртгэх

Банкны Хуулгаа үүсгэнэ үү

Ажлын самбар дээрх Шинэ Хуулга гэсэн банкны журналтай холбоотой товчийг дарна уу. Хэрэв туулгалт хийх хэрэгтэй бол Шинэ Хуулга холбоос доор нь байна.

Just fill in the fields according the the information written on your bank statement. The reference can be filled in manually or you can leave it empty. We recommend to fill in the partner to ease the reconciliation process.

The difference between the starting balance and the ending balance should be equal to the computed balance.

Болсоны дараа, дарна уу: Хадгалах.

Reconcile your Bank Statements

You can choose to directly reconcile the statement by clicking on the button гарынавлага04

You can also start the reconciliation process from the dashboard by clicking on Reconcile # Items.

Click on Validate to reconcile your bank statement. If the partner is missing, Odoo will ask you to select a partner.

Close Bank Statements from the reconciliation

If the balance is correct, you can directly close the statement from the reconciliation by clicking on гарынавлага07.

Otherwise, click on гарынавлага08 to open the statement and correct the issue.

Close Bank Statements

On the accounting dashboard, click on the More button of your bank journal, then click on Bank Statements.

To close the bank statement, just click on Validate.